EPUB DOWNLOAD - How to Lose Death in Ten Days

EPUB DOWNLOAD - How to Lose Death in Ten Days

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One, Two – Death is coming for you.

Three, Four - He escaped the portal door.

Five, Six - What’s in his bag of tricks?

Seven, Eight - Death can’t be late.

Nine, Ten - Or it’s the Armageddon.

Kaah Maah is the reaper. He wants to live a quiet life in the nowhere-special American town of “Deadend”. However, when a demon escapes the portal, it’s up to the reaper to locate him- and fast. He needs to capture him within ten days, otherwise the demon is free to roam the earth forever.

As the dead bodies start to pile up, Kaah gets pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Will the reaper get his demon?

Or will the world pay the price?

Ten days.

Tick, Tick, Tick.

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