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Messiah Issue 1, OPSEC Issue 1, Dead of Knight Issue 1, Sister Grim Issue 1, Whole Issue 1, Points of Villainy Part 1. Also our mini magazine, trading cards, OPSEC badge and ASAP poster. 

BUY IT HERE - £29.99

Messiah - Issue 2 OUT NOW!!

As Daniel fights for his life, his protector comes in the form of the mysterious man known as Foe while The Buttonmen and The Sisters of Brigid are all searching for them, the race is on!

Print Copy - £4.99

Digital Copy - £2.99

Points of Villainy - Part 1 OUT NOW!

Two tales from 'The Event' based on stories from Points of Villainy/Points of Virtue

"I'm inside."For years, Ethan's tried to ignore the people who want to keep him down and tell him he's a failure. But there's no ignoring the Faceless Man... Especially once he's inside.

When Dylan puts on his cape and mask, a new hero arises: Tailwind Two! And just in time.
While Dylan and his family flee from their house, Dylan's hero, Tailwind, fights the army of terror above their heads. But as new heroes arise, old heroes must fall.

Print Copy - £5.99

Digital Copy - £3.99

OPSEC - Issue 2 OUT NOW!!

The investigation continues in the town of Rynedshard. What secrets does the town hold and who is pulling the strings that are putting people's lives in danger?

Print Copy - £4.99

Digital Copy - £2.99

Whole - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

Minutes after 'The Event' destroys London, a group of injured and forgotten are quietly abducted for secret and diabolical purposes. All seen through the eyes of the main character.

Print copy - £4.99

Digital Copy - £2.99

Sister Grim - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

Lily Connors wakes up in the morgue with no memories of the last three months since the event. She just wants to go home, but she's terrified her family isn't alive. But she's more terrified she'll kill them if they are.

Print copy - £4.99

Digital copy - £2.99

Dead of Knight - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

A centuries old legacy destroyed by 'The Event' leaves the United Kingdoms most beloved hero a broken and violent vigilante. He will bring a medieval brand of justice to the criminals of modern day London.

Print copy - £4.99

Digital copy - 2.99

OPSEC - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

Four people have disappeared near the town of Ryneshard and now two OPSEC agents have gone missing as well. Agents Indra Jafari and Nigel Hammersmith are tasked with unearthing the mystery surrounding Ryneshard and the fate of their missing comrades.

Print copy - £4.99

Digital copy - £2.99

Messiah - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

'An unwilling hero with an unwanted and flawed power.'

Daniel must come to accept his old life is over and learn the extent of his new abilities all while on the run from the mysterious Level 8.

Print copy - £4.99

Digital copy - £2.99

Points of Villainy/Points of Virtue OUT NOW!

‘One Event. Two Anthologies. 16 people. 16 stories of terror.’

For weeks there have been encounters: people experiencing things they can't explain, horrors coming out of the shadows, people's worst fears come to life. Prose book.

Print copy - £7.99

Digital copy - £5.99


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