About us

The One Geek

ASAP IMAGINATION was founded in 2020 during the pandemic by Haydes. It started as one geek wanting to make comics and books in a world he had created, now known as ASAP Our World.

Due to the support and hard work of great people from all over the world, it has become so much more than that geek ever imagined. Six comic titles planned, an anthology, a live character on YouTube, and even talks of a web series and film.

All of this also lead to the birth of two new platforms: The NE1 World, a place where ASAP publishes other creators' content, and ASAP Minis, our children's book platform.

Meet The Team

Haydes  - Owner/Head Writer

L. A. Cunningham - Editor-in-chief/Writer

D. W. Howard - Writer

Jorge Medina - Writer

Mateo Maciorowski - Head Artist

Nicolàs Nieto - Artist

Martìn Carrera - Artist

Matias de Vincenzo - Artist

Marina Sosa Streletzxy - Artist

Loly Melbru - Artist 

Bruno Pavazza - Artist 

Huitzi Gekko - Artist


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