DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Hesper - Book 1 The Artefact Series

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Hesper - Book 1 The Artefact Series

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Prose Novel. 

Mature Content - 18+

Disfigured, and despised by everyone she knew, Jolene always believed fate was against her. That was until Lord Aiken, whose appearance changed her life for the better. At a point she began to think that perhaps, fate was finally on her side.

Alas, it was all a lie.

But in the deepest moments of her despair, the universe bestowed upon her strange powers in the form of an artefact, an object rumored to be capable of destroying the whole world.

Jolene however, would rather take revenge on those who had hurt her, even if it meant fighting fate itself.

Trigger warning: There are scenes of implied rape and attempted rape. Readers discretion is advised. 

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