PREORDER - The House of Wonders Graphic Novel

PREORDER - The House of Wonders Graphic Novel

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The House of Wonders is a jaw-dropping space faring adventure spanning the far reaches of the universe.

Joshua Davis, abused by an alcoholic father, wants a new life. He doesn’t seem to fit in and bad things have a way of happening to people around him. When he runs away and joins a circus Joshua is forced to, literally, grow-up quickly. Being chased by aliens has that effect on a person! 

His life makes a dramatic shift taking him on a galactic journey learning the truth about himself - he’s an alien with unimaginable powers. He is Skycruiser, potential saviour of his galaxy 

Join us on this galactic journey of self-discovery as Joshua Davis aka Skycruiser battles alongside his new family and friends against the evil clutches of Vir Magnus; leader of the Summa - a warring lizard race. 

By Frank Krulicki from Cutting Edge Comics

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