DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Reclamation: Reconstruction

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Reclamation: Reconstruction

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As Addy’s eyes open, so does the world around her. In the concluding chapter of the Reclamation trilogy, the cast is bigger than ever before…

And so are the problems.

After the devastating events in Magnolia, the group shatters. Addy hightails it off Harkers Island, headed for the QC, a city far inland and far away from her problems. Jack stumbles through his days, a shell of the man he was, with the surety he’ll never recover. When Jane seeks out the Library of Congress with some of the others, he goes because, hell, what else is he going to do?

Back home at the Molehill, the general has to answer for her mistakes in Magnolia; for murder, for being captured, for every choice she’s made the last few years. Her only friend acting cold and distant, she tries to figure out how to move forward, and her conclusion is more aggressive research.

With Addy and Jack’s family teetering on the edge, ready to fly apart at the seams, they’ll both have to make decisions about the general—about stopping her research, about bringing her to justice, about how to forgive her for a lifetime’s worth of cruelty. And if forgiveness is even something any of them want.

The epic conclusion of the Reclamation trilogy is a nonstop roller coaster of the highest highs and lowest lows, a glimpse inside the general’s world, and an ending that will stick with you—and the Cooke family—for years to come.

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